We are well placed among the best Producers and Distributors in the sector. The full confidence of the most important national and international groups in the world of beauty and health allow us to develop MKT strategies and carry out action plans to effectively approach each Market.
We have a large portfolio of prestigious brands (own and third parties) experts and innovators in their field. With a great variety of ranges and a specialization in Beauty and Health we manage to reach a wide range of clients all over the world. The key to our success is that we personalize each of the strategies per each brand, approaching each customer (either retailer or distributor) with our experience and professionalism, transmitting the values and benefits of each line.
We have the best and most innovative technological and human resources to provide our customers with distinguishing distribution systems, so that we bring true value to each range and each brand. Our experienced and passionate team, fully involved in our vocation of just in time services, offers a unique treatment to our suppliers and clients through our dynamic and transversal structure.