ADESCARE  is a group of companies leaded by a management board with a well-known and successful business career operating for decades in sectors such as the pharmaceutical and cosmetic. Ever since our inception, we have focused our efforts on providing our customers a premium service by offering them the best products of the BEAUTY AND HEALTH environment at the finest prices, being our capital value the ability on bringing together a wide range of unique commodities in our sector. This fact has consolidated us as a leading company in both the traditional distribution channels and the sales to the final consumer at our on and off-line stores.

We have always relied on internationalization as an engine of growth and a source of diversification, having consolidated our activity in markets such as the United States and Canada (in America), the United Arab Emirates, Korea, Singapore and Japan (in Asia) and Germany, United Kingdom, Denmark, Poland, Switzerland, Italy and Portugal (in Europe).
Coming up along the most outstanding professionals, consultants and partners, we have become a global group with a differentiating capacity to face the main challenges and demands of our sector, a fact that allows us to capitalize on the opportunities to achieve our goal, which is to still growing in   marketing   products  of the   Beauty  and  Health   sector,

expanding in any interesting worldwide market, allowing us to be extremely close both to our customers, providing them with the highest standards of quality service, and to shareholders, increasing profitability while providing employees the opportunity to develop their professional skills in a stimulating work environment.
The above mentioned has turned us into a multidisciplinary firm whose high degree of patrimonial and entrepreneurial solvency makes ADESCARE a company we can undoubtedly rely on.
  • Leaders for decades in the pharmaceutical sector.

  • Internationalization as an engine of growth.

  • Diversification and a wide range of products and services.

  • High degree of patrimonial and business solvency.